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Incoming Message
    You can email me at ian@ianbell.me, but please check my FAQ first. Note that if i reply it will be to the address in the "Reply To" field of your email.    Please do NOT mail me about the Frontier games. These titles are not my responsibility. I cannot provide assistance getting them to work. I refer you to the Frontier website.

Legal Status
rodent (3Kbyte)
rodent (3Kbyte)
David Braben's Legal Threat to the Elite Home Page
    On 9/9/99 this site was taken down by the hosting ISP after it was threatened with legal action by David Braben over an alleged breach of distribution rights in the Elite files on the site. (Following which Braben declared his intention to offer Elite files from his Frontier Developments’ web site. On 11/10/99 Braben made a public statement (7) that he did not mind Elite files being freely available for download.) On 24/11/99, I reinstated this site complete with the original files. On 25/11/99 Braben declared his intention to "get this one pulled too", objecting to alleged (but unspecified) libellous content and the "misleading story of the CIX website". Later on 25/11/99 this site was blocked without notification. On 29/11/99, I reinstated this site with Elite files hosted seperately. There was a  file removal attempt in 2005.   

Right On Commanders
    The following individuals have provided data and/or assistance for this site:
David Bolt Simon Challands Dave Devenport Angus Duggan Marat Fayzullin Mark Fishpool
Darren Grant Richard Hallas Till Harbaum Ian Gillman Richard Goodwin Chris Jordan
Chris Lam Andy Lewis Louis Mark Keates John MacKay Stuart McConnachie
Markus Mehring Ray Nemes Chris Owen Rob Pfeifer Christian Pinder Carlos Silva
Graham Thurlwell Mark Usher Ross Vumbaca Neil Wallis Steve Williams Robert Wheeler

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