harmless (<1K) Published Elites
On 9/9/99 the Elite Home Page was taken down by the ISP following threatened legal action by David Braben
over an alleged breach of distribution rights in the Elite files on the site.
On 11/10/99 Braben made a public statement (7) that he did not mind Elite files being freely downloadable.
On 24/11/99, I reinstated the Elite Home Page.
elite (<1K)
Cobra (1Kbyte) BBC Elites
The ultimate in Elite nostalgia.
    NES Elite
The best emulable 8-bit Elite.
Jameson (<1K)
Trumble Other 6502 Elites
C64, C Plus4, Apple II, and Electron versions.
    Z80 Elites
Spectrum CPC and MSX versions
Ellipse (<1K)
laser (<1K) 68000 Elites
Amiga and Atari ST versions.
    80x86 Elites
"Elite" and "Elite Plus" for the PC.
Logo Archimedes Elite
Regarded by many as the best ever version.
    Elite Archives
Elite file archive.
El Box (2Kbyte)
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