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Document date:30 May 2003 .


      VETCH      CLEAVERS       CAMPION      MAPLE       HAWTHORN      AVENS       BINDWEED          ASH      CELANDINE      BRAMBLE      PRIMROSE

     Scene I - The lair of pirate Vetch.
     Scene II - The Corporate State of Engema.
     Scene III - Maple's Cobra III
     Scene IV - NarcoticExocticSlavotic Emporimarket at Clan Shard Onisqu
     Scene V - Bindweed's Krait
     Scene VI - Maple's Cobra III
     Scene VII - Bramble's second-hand weapons and parts shop
     Scene VIII - The lair of Vetch
     Scene IX - The Deathdive - Lave
     Scene X - The Warehouse
     Scene XI - Maple's Cobra III
     Scene XII - Bindweed's Krait

     SCENE I
          Assassin's Touch

          Elite Theme  mp3
      Maple and Hawthorn
  ;    dialog

          Sniff of exotic
      Confrontation     dialog      It takes time
     SCENE V
          Space worshipper
      Its Been a Pleasure
          Aven's story
      Nice Ideas For A Girl      I am Elite
          Sightless Webb

          Vetch and Campion

          On the Slab
     dialog      Waiting
     SCENE X
          Something in the air
      Warehouse     dialog     dialog     dialog      A contract is a contract
  ;    dialog
      Just a Game     dialog
          Space Worshipper two




The worlds of "ELITE" are not perfect. Instead they are messy and ramshackle affairs, in which environments are dumped on. Space travel is not romantic or polished, but a dirty, sometimes unpleasant, if convenient, way to travel. A space ship is merely a vehicle. Nothing and no one is pristine and nothing and no one is exceptional. In a galaxy of Anarchy planets and Dictatorships, Federation Police and space pirates, the writers of the "ELITE" musical have taken the essence of the Elite game and woven from them a crime adventure story, basing characters, dialogue and place settings on the game.

The music is continuous, with underscored dialogue, and as the gripping plot unfolds, so too does an exciting score written for rock band and full symphony orchestra in styles ranging from the hard rock and "electronic" feel of the pirate Vetch, through gentle narrative and sensitive ballads in Avens' quest to avenge the death of her father at the hands of the pirate Triumvirate, to the full sweeping orchestral writing of true Star Wars tradition, following the lawful path of Galcop Maple.

Combined with a book that is at times harsh and poignant, at times witty and sensitive, "Elite" is a 100-minute score that will appeal equally to those who have never heard of Elite and to the enormous market of Elite players, for whom it will become part of a cult tradition.



An old, hard bounty hunter, who is prepared to to accept any target. He has the world-weary cynicism of an experienced fighter and doer. Once of the CORPORATE STATES POLICE FEDERATION, hence LIEUTENANT, he now goes his own way. He is ELITE.


A space pirate. Head of a pirate syndicate. He is a truly powerful man.


A pirate. Supposedly head of another syndicate.




-A Galcop of the above organisation. He is in his late twenties, slightly by-the-book man, flawed, but working on it. His combat rating has recently been raised to ELITE.


   Flamboyant, charming and highly skilled. She has been rated ELITE for some time now.  Late twenties also Maple's partner


Female. Early thirties, not pretty but quite striking.Looks like a vagrant, but has a combat rating of DEADLY.


   Eccentric,  dodgy  trader.  A space worshipper. Slightly unsteady and totally unpredictable, he has a surprising combat rating of DANGEROUS.


 Half-humanoid-half amphiboid . .. human father, lizard mother. He is slimy and sweaty.


An old, decomposing, half-human, half-feline female. Fat, her body riddled with open pores oozing puss, she breathes like a suction pump Bargains with pirates on behalf of the planet LAVE.


Old and creepy ... not what he seems.


A female singer and dancer ... performs in a very seedy bar on the DICTATORSHIP of ENZAER.


Scene I - The lair of pirate Vetch.

Vetch offers and Leiutenant accepts the contract of assassination on the pirate Cleavers. Vetch wants the job done cleanly and quietly. Leiutenant takes an instant dislike to Vetch: ASSASSIN'S TOUCH

Scene II - The Corporate State of Engema.

ELITE THEME. The High Admiral of the Corporate States Police Federation, Campion, orders the two-person Cobra Mk 3 pairing of Maple and Hawthorn to infiltrate the space trade lanes, in order to discover and destroy the infamous pirate Cleavers.  They must work undercover and independently of Galcop headquarters. Maple has doubts - Hawthorn relishes the prospect: MAPLE AND HAWTHORN.

Scene III - Maple's Cobra III

The pairing depart from Engema and very soon realize that they are being followed, but decide to ignore the tail as it could be anybody from a lost trader to a misguided bounty hunter. They will attempt to track Cleavers by sifting around Anarchy planets; Maple to Onisqu and Hawthorn to Ara. They jump to Hyperspace in the knowledge that they will soon split.

Scene IV - NarcoticExocticSlavotic Emporimarket at Clan Shard Onisqu

Maple tries to elicit information from the traders as to the whereabouts of Cleavers, but gets nowhere: SNIFF OF EXOTIC. Lieutenant appears and tells Maple the position; it was known that Galcops searching for Cleavers would infiltrate the trade lanes. Indeed, he himself knew so much about Maple's mission that he was able to pick him up at Engema and follow him to Onisqu. Lieutenant tells the beaten Maple that Hawthorn has died in a market brawl on Ara - they knew she was there - then leaves Maple to confront his grief alone: IT TAKES TIME.

Scene V - Bindweed's Krait

The mad Bindweed piloting his Krait and singing the praises of space: SPACE WORSHIPPER. Maple makes contact and boards the krait. He seeks information - and Bindweed immediately identifies him as the Galcop in the trade lanes. Bindweed tells Maple that if he seeks the pirate Cleavers he should go and talk to the knowledgeable Celandine who bargains with pirates on behalf of the plant Raale. He then scurries off to his cargo hold to see what Maple can give him in return for the information. Whilst he is gone Avens appears, recognizes Maple as an undercover Galcop and begs him for a hitch away from the lunatic Bindweed. Maple agrees to help, she rushes to his ship, and Bindweed returns. Maple transports goods on to Bindweed's Krait and then departs. IT'S BEEN A PLEASURE

Scene VI - Maple's Cobra III

As Maple and Avens pilot the Cobra Mk 3, she explains why she initially hitched with Bindweed and why she is where she is. Her father belonged to a triumvirate of traders: himself, a man named Vetch, and another whose name she never knew. It was a dangerous, secretive, lucrative, but legal trading team. However, Vetch and the   'third man' became greedy and went illegal for more money. Her father objected and threatened to expose them; so they killed him. She pledged to find her father's killers and avenge his death: AVEN'S STORY. Maple is shocked, but agrees to help her uncover the men she seeks by showing her Galcop records and giving her a chance to recognize her father's murderers: I AM ELITE

Scene VII - Bramble's second-hand weapons and parts shop

On the planet Raale, at Bramble's second-hand weapons and parts shop on the landmass Krabell, the owner, Bramble, interpreter for Celandine, awaits the visit of Maple. Maple arrives with Avens and requests to see Celandine. Bramble takes a fee from Maple, whereupon Celandine is brought forth. She informs Maple that Cleavers is currently on the Anarchy Lave, and that the pirate's exact whereabouts can be established if he goes to the club called 'The Deathdive' and asks for an `Ash Slingback'. Maple thanks Celandine and leaves with Avens. Bramble then contacts Vetch to inform him of developments. SIGHTLESS WEBB.

Scene VIII - The lair of Vetch

In the lair of Vetch, he is anxiously awaiting his business partner and is annoyed at Hawthorn's death. lie wants the final shootout, when Maple and Lieutenant meet Cleavers, to receive as much publicity as possible. Vetch's business partner arrives - it is Campion. They argue. Vetch says that Campion blew his Galcops too loudly, and now one of them is dead -the other has a strange female with him, who sounds from her description as if she may be Avens' daughter. Campion says that they've been looking for her for ages, and now is their chance to get rid of her. Campion has been using his position in the Galcops to blame all Vetch's piracy on the pirate Cleavers, leaving Vetch in the clear and himself a very rich man. Vetch wants to be there when Lieutenant and Maple meet Cleavers. Campion wishes to go too, but declares that after this Campion and Vetch must never meet in person again. They want to ensure that the Cleaver's shootout becomes famous throughout the galaxies, and takes the heat off Vetch by burying all crimes relating to him along with Cleavers: VETCH AND CAMPION.

Scene IX - The Deathdive - Lave

At The Deathdive, a seedy club on Lave, Maple and Avens arrive and watch the suggestive nightclub act of Primrose: ON THE SLAB. They contact Ash, who tells them that Cleavers is at the Bryony second-handlarger spaceship commodities warehouse in sector seven. Maple and Avens leave. En route to the warehouse they meet Lieutenant who has continued to follow Maple.  Despite Maple's resentments, it is agreed that the Lieutenant would be a help if   Cleavers is protected: WAITING.

Scene X - The Warehouse

They arrive at the warehouse, their thoughts and actions echoing in the silence: SOMETHING IN THE AIR.  Then the floating, 3-dimensional image of Cleavers appears - but it's old and somewhat faded. All three are perplexed. Campion and Vetch then appear and everything falls into place. Avens realizes   that Campion is the third man, and that standing before her are the two men responsible for the death   of her father. Lieutenant realizes how Vetch and Campion have worked together in killing off Cleavers a long time ago, and then used his reputation as a cover for Vetch's piracy. However, Campion's own   force were getting too close to the truth, so the tale of Cleavers had to be ended and all evidence with   it. The Lieutenant had also acted for Campion as an assassin on all of his private kills in the last   twenty years. Maple realizes that he has been betrayed, and despite the fact that many guns are levelled at him, he shoots and kills Campion in a blind rage. They begin to fight the soldiers of Vetch: WAREHOUSE. Avens shoots Vetch and kills him, then drags the shot, bleeding Maple away to his ship. The Lieutenant proceeds to kill the rest of Vetch's army, with arrogant flair. He then confronts the floating image of the long-dead Cleavers, and with the musings of the paid assassin, shoots that   as well: A CONTRACT IS A CONTRACT.

Scene XI - Maple's Cobra III

Back on the Cobra Mk 3, Avens is preparing Maple's body for space burial. Lieutenant returns in time to see the body float into space, as Avens finally demonstrates her independent nature: JUST A GAME. She then verifies that Lieutenant had always been Campion's one and only paid assassin.  Lieutenant admits that he was, but he thought he was only getting rid   of those the law did not wish to touch, unaware of Campion's illegal activities. As he leaves, Avens shoots him - quite simply,   the final avenging of her father's death. She drops the gun and staggers away.

Scene XII - Bindweed's Krait

 The space Avens once occupied is taken by a joyous Bindweed, who has become rich selling `swamp freezers' to the `Amphiboids'.



The Lair of Pirate Vetch.

(Long opening music section - Strong, tight rock feel.)

Assassin's Touch

VETCH: : I want this thing done cleanly;
Leave no trace
Let no witness see your face
And I'll pay you far too much
For your assassin's touch.
So -
Leave no trace
Let no witness see your face
And I'll pay you far too much
For your assassin's touch.

Your reputation tells me you're the best.
So be it.

LIEUTENANT: :  You made the contact for this contract
I never offer guarantees
I work how I want to -

VETCH: :  You have a style

LIEUTENANT: :  Most certainly
so, Vetch - you small, nothing man
Never tell me how my business should be ran.

VETCH: : I enjoy your confidence, Mr Lieutenant.
Some would say arrogance,
But let us not dissent.
A scratch on a piece of paper,
it means nothing, I know.

I just like to keep things formal,
So read our contract, take your time
Then put pen to paper
Over the dotted line.

Is it easy to kill for money?

LIEUTENANT: : If the victim's like you, then it's easy.

VETCH: : And that is how we were agreed.

LIEUTENANT: : I'm a man of my word.

VETCH: : When you've killed the pirate Cleavers,
Prove to me his death -
Bring me a keepsake.

LIEUTENANT: :  How do you stay alive, Vetch?

VETCH: :  Because I'm always one step ahead, Mr Lieutenant,
What a secret joy that is to know.

I want this thing done cleanly,
Leave no trace,
Let no witness see your face,
And I'll pay you far too much
For your assassin's touch.

I want this thing done cleanly,
Leave no trace,
Let no witness see your face,
And I'll pay you far too much
For your assassin's touch.


(Corporate state of Engema - Corporate States Police Federation)

Elite Theme      mp3 (<1K) (1 Mbytes)

(Instrumental Main Title. Full orchestral sound in the style of John Williams, Elmer Bernstein.)

Maple and Hawthorn

(Narrative piece, with plenty of light and shade. Returns to full orchestral arrangement for conclusion of scene.)
(Space loading bay - work, things happening.)

TANNOY VOICE: :   The pilot of Viper, serial number 7459/8 is
advised to proceed to Corporate State Zaatxe - where an
outbreak of space drunkenness, leading in some cases to
psychotic shooting, is taking place. Thank you.
All police personnel are reminded that sexual contact with
feline orientated aliens should not take place whilst on duty.
Thank you.

CAMPION: :  We've got to hit back
Push all that shit back,
Keep on losing out to piracy
No one rewards us
We just take orders
The pig in the middle and the put upon's you and me.

You two must quiet
This mad space pirate
Cleavers is his name, they want his head;
Hiding in their tower,
The men with power
Say, Cleavers is his name, they want him dead.

So dirty up your faces,
Dirty down your minds;
It's under-cover time,
It's working for big-brother time,
It's seek out and destroy time,
It's end the greatest crime time,
It's slime-killing prime time,
It's Cleavers' time.

Maple - Hawthorne - I only wish I was going with you. Luck be
yours. Destroy the pirate Cleavers.

MAPLE: :   Only wishes he was going with us. Like anarchy he

HAWTHORN: :  No - I could see he meant it. The guy is all
pumping heart. He was bleeding for us.

MAPLE: :  This is lunatic
I'd sooner pick
Any other mission
Than pirate fishing
For Cleavers doesn't have a face!
No photo, no trace
The man hasn't been seen for twenty years.
So let's go search out a ghost.

HAWTHORN: :  Don't be so pessimistic
Seething mass of fatalistic
You never know what's gonna happen
When we go out there and crap on
The heads of the lowlife.
Every planet has its rocks
Under which hide the crabs.
Even pirates in their spaceships
Sometimes leave their dabs.

MAPLE: :   You know what Hawthorn?

HAWTHORN: :   What, Maple?

MAPLE: :   You're a walking risk commodity.

HAWTHORN: :   And you are far too touchy.

MAPLE: :   It's common sense. Caution is the pathway to old age.

HAWTHORN: :  We are the Elite, the best,
The quickest in the craft,
The deadshot with a gun
So even if we can't shoot the rest
We can always turn and run.

MAPLE: : You have a thargoid's mind, Hawthorne.

HAWTHORN: E:  Which thargoid would that be, Maple?

MAPLE: :   Which ship do we undercover in, to kill Cleavers?

HAWTHORN: :   Get excited, Doomchild [ "Do we child?" better IMV -ICGB] ... It's a Cobra Mark
You'll soon see
Customized and able to face any challenge
All emergencies
We'd meet in the galaxy.

She's hot
'Cause she's got
Every single weapon you would care to name
She'll outrun and outgun
With her it's no war, it's really more a game.

MAPLE: : Hold fear,
Keep it near
Because it's the only way for both of us to stay alive.

HAWTHORN: E  Fire, ice

MAPLE: : Neither's nice

BOTH: But you must beware of both of them in order to survive.

MAPLE: :   Has she got a rear pulse laser?  [ Upgrade to Beam or leave as a gag?? - ICGB ]

HAWTHORN: :   Of course.

MAPLE: :   Galactic hyperspace?

HAWTHORN: :   As standard.

MAPLE: :   Oxygen plants?

HAWTHORN: :   A greenhouse.

MAPLE: :   Someone wants this to succeed.

HAWTHORN: :   Maybe, buddy-boy. Someone's gone to a lot of

MAPLE: : This is lunatic
I'd sooner pick any other mission
Than pirate fishing.
For Cleavers hasn't got a face!
No photo, no trace
The man hasn't been seen for twenty years.

HAWTHORN: : Makes it more of a challenge.

MAPLE: : You're such a certain creature

HAWTHORN: : That's my favourite feature.

MAPLE: : Where's your nerves and where's your doubt?

HAWTHORN: : If they get in I shout them out.

Now it's time to face our future.
Questionless we do our duty,
Kill all those who steal the booty
what I love of destiny is,
Mystery is beauty.


(Jean Michele Jarre-style underscoring.[Not well presented in demo wav. More should be happening] )

(On the bridge of Cobra Mk. III. Maple Pilot, Hawthorn Co-pilot.)

HAWTHORN: :   Present system: Diso.
Hyperspace System: Leesti.
Condition: Green ... Green as grass.
We're right on flow, youngblood.

MAPLE: :   Did you fix fuel scoop four?
HAWTHORN: :   I fixed it.
MAPLE: :   Howzat fixing?
HAWTHORN: :   String, Maple, string. A pipe had slipped, I just
tied it back up - that's all.
MAPLE: :   Space scout days, right?

HAWTHORN: :   That's the length of it. Don't look now, but
electric eyes say we're being followed.
MAPLE: :   I know.
HAWTHORN: :   You know?
MAPLE: :   Been there since we left Campion at Engema. This
tailor has hung in there since.
HAWTHORN: :   He must like your smile, sweet face.
MAPLE: :   Tell him to join the queue.

HAWTHORN: :   You gonna scan him?
MAPLE: :   Have done.
HAWTHORN: :   Well? Come on, slyboy. Don't be coy. What is he?
MAPLE: :   Asp Mk. II, ex-Galactic Navy Issue.
HAWTHORN: :   He's overridden the self-destruct mechanism on
that thing. Ha cha cha.
MAPLE: :   Scan tells us that he's ultra-cute on the astrogation
controls. He has familiar hands.
HAWTHORN: :   Descript ot pilot?  
MAPLE: :   Humanoid dimensions and physiology, Scan has no
matching records on D.N.A., teeth or fingerprints.
HAWTHORN: :   Mr Enigma.
MAPLE: :   Go shake hands. Usual weapons - extra Pulse Lasers
... No markings on the ship at all. Like looking for markings
on a ball bearing.

HAWTHORN: :   Root toot toot. What do we doot?
MAPLE: :   Leave him there - who cares? He's probably a
suspicious bounty hunter thinking we're credit rewardable.
Let's waste his time.
HAWTHORN: :   You're rough, tough, stuff, Maple.

MAPLE: :   Besides, we split soon. Do you want to look under the rocks of planet Onisou or planet Maesin?
HAWTHORN: :   Give me Maesin every time.
MAPLE: :   Good. I'll take Onisou. I know the Narcoti Exotic Slavotic Emporimarket at Clan Shard.
It's as good a place as any to sniff around.

HAWTHORN: :   You think Cleavers will be on an anarchy planet?
MAPLE: :   It's what the status data from Engema tells us. If we
shake a few dirtstones you never know what'll come crashing
down from the mountainside ...
HAWTHORN: :   As they say.

MAPLE: :   We jump to hyperspace in 17 seconds ... That'll give
us some minutes away from the clown behind us.
HAWTHORN: :   You're too dynamic for me, buddy-boy.
MAPLE: :   We recon on Maesin. I'll dock for you.
HAWTHORN: :   I'll be waiting and waving.
MAPLE: :   Hyperspace 2 ... 1 ...
HAWTHORN: :   Let's go zoom ...


Market place on the planet Onisou

Sniff of exotic

( Maple and Market Traders )

LOW TRADERS: :   Here you can get narcotic
Exotica that's so erotic
It'll drive you psychotic
Crave a slave's the rave for all the bad Knaves.

HIGH TRADERS: :  Sex, pain, orgasmabox,
Pleasure pads serving lusto-studshoks;
Slaves sold, as cheap as life
All of which is here.

Hemp, Mould and Opium,
Flash-stash stored to the optimum, so
Come buy, get laid, get high
If not disappear.

MAPLE: :  On Onisou now, sniff around
Stirring up the Empori Market
Facts learnt, but don't get burnt
Mix with the dregs.

They breed them hard here, tough career
Working in the Empori Mart, if
Your name's not what you've claimed-
They'll break your legs.

these places sell all but compassion
And truth is out of fashion here.

This world,
This anarchy is plagued by blood feuds
It's rightful ruler's name is Fear.

On Onisou, now, hang around
Feeling for any signs or signals
Need leads, some info feeds
Will they impart.

My face is new here, costing dear
Cagey at the Empori mart, be
Cautious, but don't get sussed
Just make a start.

(Sung over traders' cries)

Wade in
It's time to do some covert trade-in
'Cause it's time to track Cleavers
Find out where his pirate lair is
Make it known
I'll trade credit for some information
So who is gonna buy?

I want trade with one right at the top.

1st TRADER: :  Name the man, my friend, name the master.

MAPLE: :   It's Cleavers who is my pick of that crop.

2nd TRADER: :  Sorry, suicide seeker -
No can do.

3rd TRADER: :  Ask Shard, it's his market.

MAPLE: :   You must be Shard. I wish to trade big-time.

SHARD: : With who?

MAPLE: :   The Cleavers pirate, man.

SHARD: : Do you want a fast grave?
Do you want to stay safe?

(sung over traders' cries)

MAPLE: :  Lawless
These places sell all but compassion
And truth is out of fashion here.

My face is new here, costing dear,
Cagey at the Empori market
I can't get what I want -
No one here will talk.

(Traders repeat their cries many times.)
(Sung over traders' cries)

These places sell all but compassion
And truth is out of fashion here.

My face is new here, costing dear,
Cagey at the Empori market
They show that they know.

TRADERS: :  If you want - here it is!


(Lieutenant appears as if from nowhere.)

LIEUTENANT: :  You're not having much luck, are you?
You won't have - whilst you stay on this planet.
MAPLE: ;  What - er - Sorry, who are you?
I don't recall asking your help.
I don't require any assistance, thanks.

LIEUTENANT: :  No, that's not the way the situation reads to me.
You're getting nowhere - nothing but inefficiency.
I've followed you from Engema to Onisou.

MAPLE: :   I know you have.

LIEUTENANT: :  Just to tail you. And I'll tell you why.
Whole Galaxy knows that there are galcops in the lanes.
Somebody has grassed.

MAPLE: :   No!

LIEUTENANT: :  Oh, now come on, just use your brains.
I've followed you from Engema to Onisou.
You've been set up.

I know your quarry's Pirate Cleavers;
You're surrounded by deceivers.

Someone's given you away.
They all know who you are, Copmeat;
Even I know who you are and what you're doing here.
Someone's been broadcasting.

MAPLE: :   I'd pick you - you know so much about it.

LIEUTENANT: :  Don't be naive, Galcop.
Sore thumbing your way round the trade lanes -
You're obvious. You've been fed to the dogs.

MAPLE: :   I don't take that!

(They FIGHT. Lieutenant wins.)

LIEUTENANT: :  Believe me, Galcop - the whole galaxy knows
you're here - and why. You're after Cleavers.

MAPLE: :   And I suppose you want the bounty credits.

LIEUTENANT: :  Too true, Peelerman. I'll tail you 'till you find
Cleavers and then kill him myself. I'm on contract.

MAPLE: :   Get out - stay away from me.

LIEUTENANT: :  No worry - but I'll follow your sniffings in
space. Oh, your friend - Hawthorn - he died on Maesin. Market
brawl - they know you're around.

MAPLE: :   What?

LIEUTENANT: :  If you don't believe me - check his cardiograph.
Galcops carry one on their partners, don't they. So, be
careful - it's lucky for you that I'm on your back.

MAPLE: :  We are the Elite, the best,
The quickest in the craft,
The deadshot with a gun
So even if we can't shoot the rest
We can always turn and run.

It takes time

- Maple

MAPLE: :   Never call a stranger friend,
So the wise men said
Don't waste your life, use your head
Don't waste your love
But when it comes to reality, that's the hardest thing to do
Always chose your task, then follow through.

Though it takes time facing up to your challenge
Oh, it takes time facing up to your role
You are here but a while,
Accept it with style
Don't let your real purpose go.

Never was a clever boy,
Never had much spark,
Just wandered round in the dark,
But when you face up to clarity
Focus things within your view -
That's when you start to see what you must do.

Though it takes time facing up to your challenge,
Yes, it takes time facing up to your role,
You are here but a while
So brave it with style -
Don't let your real purpose go.

Believe in dignity, and believe in pride
Believe your best can overcome
Accept reality of where you stand
And through it all, yes through it all
You have to know -

That it takes time facing up to your challenge
It takes time facing up to your goal
We're all here but a while
So take it in style
Don't let your real purpose go.
Don't let it go, don't let go.


Space worshipper

- Bindweed

BINDWEED: :   I am one of the select few,
The last of a dying race,
A whole galaxy's reject who's
The mad nutter bastard in space.

Drifting through the dimensions,
Looks like I'm aimless, it's true
But listen to my contention.
There's a reason I do what I do.

'cos I'm a space worshipper,
Blackness is my icon;
Oh, I'm a space worshipper,
That vaccuum is turning my psyche on.

I'm a space worshipper,
Blackness is my icon;
Oh, I'm a space worshipper,
That vaccuum is turning my psyche on.

Each trip for me is a cosmic joy,
A pilgrim's favourite road;
And I am such a cosmic boy,
In space my worship seeds are sewed.

Each jump into hyper-space
Delights me to the edge of tears
The reason is, in every case
You see more space moving at light years.

I'm a space worshipper,
Blackness is my icon;
Oh, I'm a space worshipper,
That vaccuum is turning my psych on.

I'm a space worshipper,
Blackness is my icon;
Oh, I'm a space worshipper,
That vaccuum is turning my psych on.

Now watch me play my organ!


Now, it may seem odd, but space is my god
And it would be somewhat tactless
For you to dare to say that I don't care
About my inky blackness.

I'm a space worshipper,
Blackness is my icon;
Oh, I'm a space worshipper,
That vaccuum is turning my psych on.

I'm a space worshipper,
Blackness is my icon;
Oh, I'm a space worshipper,
That vaccuum is turning my psych on.

I could get into this!

Its Been a Pleasure

- Bindweed, Maple and Avens

BINDWEED: : Ah, a customer!

(Maple boards Bindweed's ship)

BINDWEED: :  Ahoy, spacemate.

MAPLE: :   Hullo.

(Maple holds out hand to shake. Bindweed inspects it.)

BINDWEED: :  Yes, it's a hand, allright. My name's Bindweed.

MAPLE: :   Maple.

BINDWEED: :   Don't talk so fast - make your words last
Can't you tell, I haven't got a brain.
From my ears they pulled some putty
And it made me rather nutty
For my brain fell out and rolled right down a brain drain.

MAPLE: :   I'm sorry to hear that.

BINDWEED: :   So am I.

MAPLE: :   I want some information.

BINDWEED: :   I thought you might - You're that Gal-cop
I was told that you were coming
But what are you doing way out here?
Man, you're slumming.

MAPLE: :   Yes, mister, you said it
So let's get this done.

BINDWEED: :   I'm waiting!

MAPLE: :   If you help I'll give you credit,
If not, you'll get none.

BINDWEED: :   Ssshh, Not so loud -
Please be gentle - can't you see
That I am mental
Flipped, gone bonkers,
I have lost all of my conkers
It's Cleavers you are after, I can tell.

MAPLE: :   How do you know?

BINDWEED: :   It's the smell.
You're pirate-hunting.
Go and run the runt in.
I'll be glad to help you out
Because I'm mad, a schizophrenic bout.

If you want a pirate, go and talk to Celandine
She knows the whereabouts of every clandestine
Illegal traveller
Every spaceship raider
She lives on Lave
At Bramble's Second-hand Weapons and Parts Shop.
It's on the landmass Krabell
It's a four-galactic hop
And all quite stable
It's used as a shipping stop
So if you're able
Go and do your business, Cop -
But one more second, just before you go.

Because you said you'd pay me,
Which I think is only fair,
Now don't betray me,
My cargo hold is running bare.
Please stay see
While I go check what's missing there.
Very soon I'll tell you what I know.
Have some patience, hold your horses,
I'll be seconds in due courses,
Soon I'll know what I have not got stowed.

(He exits. Maple waits. Avens appears.)

AVENS: :   Has he gone?

MAPLE: :   Yes, he's gone.

AVENS: :   Look, I hitched a lift at Zaatxe with this guy. I had
no ship, no credits. He's a lunatic.

MAPLE: :   I gathered.

AVENS: :   I've got to get off this ship before I go the same
way. He fights asteroids. He's off his loop.

MAPLE: :   I gathered.

AVENS: :   Look, stop telling me how much you gathered, and
start telling me what you're going to do.

MAPLE: :   My ship's docked to this one - through the lockdoors
- go join it, I'll drop you at the nearest Corporate State.

AVENS: :   Thank you, thank you so much.

(Avens exits. Bindweed returns.)

BINDWEED: :   Have you got any skin creams?

MAPLE: : Eh?

BINDWEED: :   Croak metres, automated ponds, spawn freezers,
Swamp sweeteners?
Only I've some nice contacts going with the Amphiboids.

MAPLE: :   Sure, I'll transport some now.

(Maple presses buttons on an auto cargo transporter thingy!)

MAPLE: :  There you go. It's been a pleasure.

BINDWEED: :   There I go, it's been a pleasure - Has it, or has it not?


AVENS: :   Thanks for getting me off that thing.
MAPLE: :   No problem. I'll just drop you at the nearest corporate state, like I said
AVENS: :   Thank you. Where's the other pilot?
MAPLE: :   Sorry?
AVENS: :   Well, this Cobra's been stripped and re-fitted for   two. So where's the other pilot?
MAPLE: :   You're quite direct, aren't you?
AVENS: :   It's me, the only way I know. Well?
MAPLE: :   He's dead.
AVENS: :   A friend?
MAPLE: :   Yes. Yes, a friend.

AVENS: :   I'm sorry for you.
MAPLE: :   It's all part of what happens.
AVENS: :   I'm still sorry.
MAPLE: :   Why were you on that ship in the first place?
AVENS: :   I told you. I hitched at Zaatxe. Sometimes you want to get away from a planet fast.
MAPLE: :   I know what you mean.
AVENS: :   And Bindweed seemed okay at first. A little eccentric, but okay.

MAPLE: :   So what are you after?
AVENS: :   What?
MAPLE: :   No ship, no credits. Hiking around the trade lanes. That's no sunshine hobby?
AVENS: :   No, I guess not.

MAPLE: :   So, what are you after?
AVENS: :   My father's killers.
MAPLE: :   Ah-ah. That all?
AVENS: :   It's a long story.
MAPLE: :   It's a long flight.
AVENS: :   You asked for it.

Aven's story

- Aven

AVENS: :   I remember
Just a snatch, just a fleeting glimpse
From my home life, when I was young, what feels strong
Things were good.
Mother died when I was five, and the world was tall,
Can't see her face - just smell the smell
Of her love, of her soul.

And my father, so good
Cared enough, tried to fill up her role,
Did his best - A better father than all the rest.

Worked with a couple of traders,
They were soon blessed with success;
In a triumvirate, became a syndicate -
Lived to excess.
But they tried to turn the ring to a ring of crime;
Dad objected; he couldn't see
Why to risk, why to cheat?

And they killed him in cold blood
Just because he had said they were wrong -
Vetch was one: piracy is what he's famous for.

There was another who stayed back,
I never did know his name:
When I get hold of Vetch
I'll twist it out of him -
Kill who's to blame.

That's my goal now, that's the end I am striving for.
I will see that my father's death is avenged,
Take revenge, is avenged
Way I feel, I can deal with this thing.
Deal with it, deal with it, it.

Nice Ideas For A Girl

(Maple and Avens)

MAPLE: :   Nice ideas for a girl.
Strong words. Though I sympathise, strong words.

AVENS: :   My mind is bloody.
I can't be cruddy
And polite and hold them back.
When I meet the man that killed him,
You better believe, heads will crack.

MAPLE: :   I'll drop you at the nearest corporate state
As I said I would.
I'll take you through the computer files,
Show you all the mugshot smiles.

AVENS: :   That'll be good.

MAPLE: :   A Galcop never omits
A single feature from identikits.

AVENS: :   That'll be good.
Could you lend me some credits before we part?
I'll need a ship and some cash trade;
I'll need a start.

MAPLE: :   Why not just come out and ask?

AVENS: :   You can only say no.
While I'm with you your life is complicating.

MAPLE: :   By the minute. What's your combat rating?

AVENS: :   What do you think?

MAPLE: :   I just don't have a clue. Tell me.

AVENS: :   The little flying I do - I'm deadly.

MAPLE: :   Good. Good enough. I'll go grab some zeds
While you do the flying stuff.

AVENS: :   Sure. I've flown crates like this before.
Enjoy your dreams.

I am Elite

( Maple? or Lieutenant? [ I assume -ICGB])

I was born to lead you here,
On and on to victory.
You and I go hand in hand
But I must take the lead, for I am Elite,
A lover, baby you'll discover
Life with me can be so sweet;
For I am unique, no other
Come on baby, we can go.

Yesterday you doubted me
Foolish child that you are
History will prove me right
And then the world will see that I am Elite,
A lover, baby you'll discover
Life with me can be so sweet;
For I am unique, no other
Come on baby we can go.

All the time that I'm with you I feel good inside,
I know the doors of opportunity are opening wide,
But I could never, ever take it all away from you.

Even though you promised to be here by my side,
You know that you must always let me be your leader and guide
And you must never, ever, never, ever, never, ever go.
For I am elite, a lover
Baby you'll discover life with me can be so sweet
For I am unique, no other.
Come on baby we can go
For I am elite.


I am elite, a lover,
Baby, you'll discover life with me can be so sweet,
For I am unique, no other.
Come on baby we can go
I am elite, I am elite!


Sightless Webb

(Bramble, Maple and Celandine)

Shop sign counter,
Celandine is bound to play it like a queen.
Don't just scramble,
It's a must that Bramble
leaves the truth unseen.
keep it tight, keep it steady
You're a shopman - be on the ready.
The fly gets sucked into the sightless web.

Vetch will pay high
And until they die
His troops are everywhere
Maple pays dear,
Can you feel hell's near,
Lingers on the air
A bad time is approaching
I can feel the gloom encroaching
As the fly gets sucked into the sightless web.


Now hear the time draws him near to our crime
He has us on his map
Hunter, hunted, the order's shunted,
Proceeds into the trap
I'm prepared for his arrival
It's in our hands, the planned survival
As the fly gets sucked into
fly gets sucked into
fly gets sucked into
the spiders web.

MAPLE: : Bramble? Are you Bramble?

BRAMBLE: :  Who's asking?

MAPLE: :  I wish to speak to Celandine.

BRAMBLE: :  You must pay for your parlay.

MAPLE: :  I will. Speech first.

BRAMBLE: :  Celandine speaks in the tongue of swallows. Do you know the language?

MAPLE: :  I speak a little.

BRAMBLE: :  But not enough, I suspect. Yes, I am Bramble. I will translate.
Please stand at the gauze, and do not worry, Celandine understands everything you say.
She understands the common tongue. Natter away - what's your truth?

MAPLE: :  Greetings, gracious Celandine.
I wish words of an enemy mine,
A bad man, a duke of deceivers,
He's known in my tongue as Cleavers.
I'll pay handsome for the lair
Of this pirate of the air
Tell me where
I'll find his face and wherever I go
No one need know
That this meeting ever took place.

BRAMBLE: :  Behold my friend - Celandine.

CELANDINE: :  Ah, ah, ah,...

BRAMBLE: :  You speak nobly, you speak well, little man
To you only this I tell, little man.

CELANDINE: :  Ah, ah, ah ....

BRAMBLE: :  Cleavers is on Lave.
I am unsure where, but you will have to find
A death dive, and inside ask for an `Ash Slingback'.
Pay well, I will tell
where exactly hides the man that you are seeking
No more, words waste time.
You have been told all information that I do possess.

MAPLE: :  There's your credit cash. I hope it's sufficient.

BRAMBLE: :  It is enough.

MAPLE: :  Thank you, Celandine. You speak well.
Come on, let's go.
Just fine, in fact -
Celandine, what an act!
I believed it too.
You'll be well paid,
Just you see, foul maid
Ged's approaching you.
So I'll report to Vetch, my master,
Of Maple's ensuing disaster,
As the fly gets sucked into the sightless web.

Put through to Vetch
Getting to the final stretch,
Maples's on his way.
All went so well
He's been sent to your hell -
I'll meet you for my pay.
As you hear my voice diminish,
You know Maple's heading for the finish
As the fly gets sucked into the sightless web.

One thing - mute point
He has been made joint with some female humanoid;
Hawthorn didn't show.
Is he dead? You should know,
But the girl I would avoid.
She gives me a nasty feeling,
One from the past we've been concealing;
Though my memory's made for blurring
She has set my braincells stirrring
As the fly gets sucked into the sightless web.


Vetch and Campion

VETCH: :   Why am I waiting here, nervous?
Doesn't stink of my style, nervous
Fear's teasing ways I've never felt before
Things go wrong so easily
I stand here and queasily wait
Must make sure
I endure.

Galcop Hawthorn is dead, too soon
Maple might lose his head, too soon
I've asked the man to meet
And this is what I'm told
Can't get out so easily,
Just sit tight and queesily wait -
He'll turn up when he does.

I've had reports from everywhere they've been
I can see the way events could come to pass.

So where's the man? Where's the traitor Campion?
One of us must sort out setbacks -
Always me.

CAMPION: :  Temperament in a mess,
Vetch, you wretch.

VETCH: :   Yours should be nothing less, Campion.

CAMPION: :   You scare too fast
So why this panic now?

VETCH: :  Because Hawthorn died too early for maximum publicity. How?

CAMPION: :  Happens. It's just one of those things.

VETCH: :  And Maple's not the man you said.

CAMPION: :   Just stay calm.

VETCH: : And Bramble tells me something else.

CAMPION: :  Come on now, get a grip.

VETCH: :  He's with a female humanoid from God knows where.

CAMPION: :  Old news, my friend,
I've known awhile that she was there
For that is Avens' little girl.
Vindictive bitch. And as far as I'm concerned
She can die with Lieutenant and Maple in the bang-up with
Cleavers. The bigger the event, the more famous it'll be.

VETCH: :   We're talking folk law, I know.
Listen, Campion. I don't want the police federation getting as
close to me again. Cleavers was nearly uncovered.
And if our operation's cracked and then laid bare?

CAMPION: :  Worry too much.

VETCH: :  They'd wander through the mess and
find that you were there.

CAMPION: :   Trust to my touch.

VETCH: :   They'd find that Cleavers has been tagged with blame
by you.

CAMPION: : I have the skill.

VETCH: : And you'd been covering for me.

CAMPION: :   To sense the kill and ...

VETCH: :   All of my piracy

CAMPION: :   Shoot out will cover up any tie.

VETCH: :   I would like to be there when they die.
I'll make sure for myself
No one leaves Lave alive.

CAMPION: :   If you think that's sensible.
If you think that's what is best.

VETCH: :   Yes, I think that's sensible.
Yes, I think that's what is best.
Now I'll get my Fer-De-Lance fuelled
And I'll be taking off soon.

CAMPION: :   To see the end -
I guess I wouldn't miss this for the world.

VETCH: :   Come, come along.
A Fer-De-Lance spaceship stripped for two.
Let's finish what we started
And see the whole thing through.

It's nice to be so formal,
Nice to be a witness to fate,
So let's set wheels in motion,
Kismet's made a date.

(Long instrumental)

CAMPION: :   Hey, Vetch,
After this, we never meet again. All third-party, right?

VETCH: :   Pleasure, Campion.
Out with a bang, though, eh?
You'd better square something with Police Federation -
They'll be thinking of you.

CAMPION: :   Don't go without me.

VETCH: :   No worries.
I want this thing done cleanly;
Let no witness see your face
But soon you're in the clutch
Of my assassin's touch.

I want this thing done cleanly;
Let no witness see your face
But soon you're in the clutch
Of my assassin's touch.


On the Slab

PRIMROSE: :   You lick at me,
you're flicking your tongue like a viper
Bite me till you make me sore,
I bleed, then you do it some more,
Jus' like a carnivore, and

I suck at you,
I suck at your neck like a vampire,
In your back I dig my claw,
I feel your skin turning to raw,
Scratching at eveyyry pore, babe.

Come and get me
Come and get my meat, my man,
'Cos it's on the slab;
Come an get me,
Get enough of my love
Come on, have a grab.
I'm telling you

Come and take you
Come and take you where you stand
'Cos you're big enough,
Come and take you,
Just relax and I'll prove
That I've got the stuff.

You shove at me,
You're shoving at me with your torso.
I know what you're asking for
You want me to do it some more
But this time on the floor, babe.
I push at you,
I'm rubbing at you with my friction,
Come on baby, feel the heat
Dripping all our sweat on the sheet,
We're making it oh so sweet now.

Come and get me
Come and get my meat, my man,
'Cos it's on the slab;
Come an get me,
Get enough of my love
Come on, have a grab.
I'm telling you

Come and take you
Come and take you where you stand
'Cos you're big enough,
Come and take you,
Just relax and I'll prove
That I've got the stuff.

So let's start to make,
Please don't you fake,
It's time to shake,
Come and get me!

(Repeat three choruses with modulations.)

PRIMROSE: Thank you. Keep clapping at the back cos now i'm leeavng you in the very capable paws of Silas Quabean
and his Reggaeti Rhythmn and Smooth Boys. Take it away Silas.

BARMAN: I suppose you wanna order something.
MAPLE: er... do you have an Ash Slingback.
BARMAN: Have you the credits?
MAPLE: I have.
BARMAN: Good, Thats as it should be. Wait 'ere.

AVENS: Strange place.
MAPLE: Oh i don't know. It has charm.
AVENS: Ever been here before?.
MAPLE: Lave yes. The DeathDive no. Its all new stuff to me.
AVENS: I thought these sort places only existed on anarchies, certianily not on dictatorships.
MAPLE: Oh Lave is like any dictatorship. As long as you burn the right books you can do what you like.

[ Enter Ash ]

ASH: And do think I burn the right books, Galcop Maple?
MAPLE: You know my name.
ASH: Everybody doessss.

AVENS: Are your secret missions always this secret?

ASH: Do you mind if i join you?
MAPLE: Well...er
ASH: You ordered an Ash Slingback did you not?
ASH: Well here I am. I'm Ash. The powder after the fire. What can i do for you?
MAPLE: Cleavers.
ASH: It'll cost. Cost an awful lot of creditss. The betrayal of piratesss is a risky bussiness-ss.
MAPLE: How many?
ASH: As many as it takes to buy of the lawkeepers of the dictatorship. And so keeping this place open for another year.
MAPLE: That's a lot of credits i would guess.
ASH: Eight thousand five hundred and fifty to be precise. But worth it.
Cleavers is on this planet. My lizard tounge ss-smalls him.

MAPLE: The credits are space floating at the moment, heres the key anchor. Press the right code and the cash comes straight to you.
ASH: Very nice. Neat Device. Give usss.
MAPLE: Information first.
ASH: Cleavers' hideout at the Ryanni Larger Spaceship Commodities Warehouse in Sector Seven.

MAPLE: Good.
ASH: Now the code.
MAPLE: Fourty Two.
ASH: Thank you. Do come again.

MAPLES: (To Avens) Come on. No time like the present.
AVENS: (to Ash) Spend wisely lizard.
ASH: < reptilian chuckle >


(Maple, Lieutenant and Avens)

MAPLE: :  When an outcome is approaching we wait
As events are weighed upon the scales of fate.
We have no fear, for we all must
Like so much rock turn to dust.

LIEUTENANT: :  Still searching, my friend?
Where will your detection end?
In a vast forgotten nowhere,
Perhaps an honourable death
You and the girl need an ally,
Someone to help you get by.
I offer you me.

MAPLE: :  Tell me that's a joke,
Believe me, I'd rather choke
Than trust in you  a man of lies...

LIEUTENANT: :  Hard Truths.

...I have a job to do
A criminal to arrest
So here endeth my interest,
In this discussion with you.

LIEUTENANT: :  Why don't you stop and think now?
You're arriving at a brink now
Cleavers seems a one-man quarry,
But there's men who'll make you sorry,
For the man will be protected,
Bodyguards the best selected
There'll be twenty, thirty, forty
Which is why I say you'll need me.
One more on your ...

MAPLE: :  You don't hear too well, I made myself ...

AVENS: :  Let's take him, he is right.
We'll need him for the fight.
I've heard that you're good at your job.

LIEUTENANT: :  That's true.

MAPLE: :  Come then, have your fun,
But I am number one.

LIEUTENANT: :  Of course; I only want to get this done.

AVENS: :  I hope you do.

MAPLE: :  Come on then, have your fun,
But I am number one.

LIEUTENANT: :  Of course. I only want to get this done.

AVENS: :  The man is right.  We need your fun.

[  -ICGB]Can't transcribe from audio here

But you are number one.


[ [+A] denotes line echoed by Avens ]

Something in the air

(Maple, Lieutenant and Avens)

AVENS: :  Here we are, got this far,
There's no sense of achievement.
Drenched in fear,
Atmosphere like the smell of bereavement.
But inside there's a crack.

There is something in the air
It is whispering beware
I can feel it's always there,
Creeps under my skin.
It is awkward, though it's slight,
Says the world just isn't right,
Bad place, bad time, here tonight.

LIEUTENANT: :: Hear me, cop, clearly, cop,
Though it's hardly contractual.
Onisou, I met you,
I told truths, I was factual.
Cover blown.

MAPLE: :  It was known.

Everysingle placed weve passed
Universe in which to trust
Means your missions been a bust
Your traitors within

Someones droopped you in this mess
Backroom boy would be my guess
Please see red.
Hathorne's dead.

So come on Maple, hate someone.
Who put your partner in her grave?
Keep my voice in your head
Just to remind you

But your traitor is safe
To the challenge we've dispersed
Pirate Cleavers, you've been sussed
Hide in shadows if you must
Your fate has arrived

You're the job I have to do
You're the wall I'm running through
So come on. Come for me..

To the challenge we've dispersed
Pirate Cleavers, you've been sussed
Hide in shadows if you must
Your fate has arrived

You're the job I have to do
You're the wall I'm running through
So come on come for me.
I am ready if you'll dare.



LIEUTENANT: : Its happening. Somethings giving way.
AVENS: : I've felt it since we first arrived.
LIEUTENANT: : I think we're going to see some wires spark.

MAPLE ?: : What the...?
AVENS: : It's just an image.
LIEUTENANT: : An old one at that. 3D projection. At least twenty years old . ?
But why? Why?

CAMPION: Its a very good likeness, don't you think?
MAPLE: Campion!
CAMPION: Ah Maple you made it then. And i see you have brought company.
AVENS: I recognise you.
CAMPION: I should hope you do my dear. You've sat on my knee after all.
LIEUTENANT: : You with Vetch?

CAMPION: Whoops the foundations have flooded. Something the Lietenant doesn't know.

AVENS: You're the third man.
CAMPION: Correct my dear. And Vetch heres the second. Vetch meet Aven's brat. Aven's brat meet Vetch.
AVENS: I will kill the pair of you.
CAMPION: What a charming girl you are. Avens would be proud.   Please don't try anything untoward just yet.
As you can see at least ten guns are sighted upon each of you. Any attempt at manoeuvre would be futile.

LIEUTENANT: Cleavers is already dead isn't he?

CAMPION: Oh well done fast man. Correct mister Lieutenant. He died twenty two years and since then I've
seen to it that every piractical act committed in [  insert our ?  -ICGB] space is being blamed upon him.
And you Mr Lietenant have contributed, all the bounty kills you've been scoring for me over the last twenty years have,
shall we say, aided to my cause.
Anybody that stood in our way, anybody that knew too much you eliminated. You're very good, by the way,
I've never had to use anybody else.
 You've been my single gun and now you are to join the realms of the pyre taking
any evidence to hell. Its all been very cute don't you think?

LIEUTENANT: Its wonderful. But your own police force werer getting too close to the truth, am I right?
CAMPION: Well done mister Lieutenant. What a bright boy you are.
LIEUTENANT: So we're here to finally kill Cleavers and in a blaze of publicity end all speculation.
CAMPION: Yes. And. sadly. to be killed. Its most convenient that you teamed up and arrived at the same
time. But we thought you might. Well, not you Avens. You were a spanner in the works, but only a very small one.
LIEUTENANT: Admirable. The stuff of legend.
CAMPION: Indeed. Well, that's my little gloat over. Goodbye. We shan't meet again.

MAPLE: Traitor!

LIEUTENANT: Pointless. Hawthorn's dead. Come on, all of you. Come on.

CAMPION: Argh. Me. I'm shot. You dare to shoot me.


AVENS: Maple.
LIEUTENANT: He's dead. Dead hero.
AVENS: He's moving.
LIEUTENANT: He's dying then.
AVENS: I'm going to get him, Get him away.
LIEUTENANT: Oh God damn.

[  LIEUTENANT dispatches remaining bad guys with arrogant flair assisted by AVENS   -ICGB]

LIEUTENANT: You had no chance. I'm better than you. You're nothing. I beat you all. I'm famous.
I'm Lietenant.

A contract is a contract

( Lieutenant )

How the mighty have fallen
Often due to my ministry.
Hunted by lusts of greed and power
Death from materialism
I beg you, business associates
When you hear the reaper call
Please don't take it personally -
A contract is a contract after all.

Building up a reputation
Never be kind only cruel
Work for yourself - no deputation,
The cardinal assassins' rule -
Don't let mercy creep upon you,
Refuse to be a victim's fool
Keep a voice in your head just to remind you
That a contract is a contract after all.

It's a solitary occupation
It has its pitfalls, it has its highs,
It has more than its fair share of goodbyes
In life it's a singular station
A one-man operation
For company there's no one or nothing but death
And the final words of a dying breath

So make yourself an enigma
A man from shadows, a mystery
Keeping secret what you're really after,
A notch on the bedpost of history.
So, sorry, Pilot Cleavers, I have no choice,
For infamy I live up to the call
Though you've no words, no real protesting voice
A contract is a contract after all
Yes a contract is a contract after all,
Yes a contract is a contract after all.
Yes, a contract is a contract.

How the mighty have fallen
Often due to my ministry.
Hunted by lusts of greed and power
Death from materialism
I beg you, business associates
When you hear the reaper call
Please don't take it personally -
A contract is a contract after all.
A contract is a contract after all,
A contract is a contract after all,
A contract is a contract after all,
A contract is a contract after all,
A contract is a contract after all,
Yes a contract is a contract after all,
Yes a contract is a contract after all,
[ repeats ]


AVENS: : Hes's dead . He was dead when i picked him up.
LIEUTENANT: : Why bother then?
AVENS: : I can't leave people.
AVENS: : He's prepared for burial. Will you stay to mourn him?
LIEUTENANT: : Er, yes, Yes why not?
AVENS: : A ceremony. There should be a ceremony. I know none.

Just a Game

( Avens )
I'll give you no words now
For they are useless things,
I give you the peace that silence brings.
I will give you no heartache
My tearstained cheek you'll never find
I'm not that kind.
So please go,
Just melt away like so much winter snow;
Please disappear,
For while you stay
I cannot move nor think, I need some time to be free
Time to be me.
Here am I, at a time when love seems to be alive
It cheats, it hurts;
I can love, but I need someone who will give
The love I want to live.

I try to remember
The feelings that we shared
I try to remember, if we dared
To be something special
Or just accepted second-best
Like all the rest.
It's just a game,
For you love's just a chance to place the blame
On someone else;
I think for you love's just the same old situation
That you begin to find yourself in.
Here am I at a time when love seems to be alive,
It cheats, it hurts,
I can love, but I need someone who will give
The love I want to live.

Just what did you expect of me?
For behind my insecurity
I had to hide the truth inside me.
There'll be those who say I let you down,
Didn't care enough to pull you round all the way;
To those I stand and say
Here am I, at a time when love seems to be alive,
It cheats, it hurts,
I can love, but I need someone who will give,
I know that I will make it
In the love I want to live.

AVENS: : Lietenant.
AVENS: : Were you really Campion's assassin?
LIEUTENANT: : Huh, I didn't think it mattered. I thought i was on the side of the righteous. Not that that bothere me.
I thought i was taking the jobs the Galcops didn't want.
AVENS: : Was it exclusively you?
LIEUTENANT: : Why would Campion lie? I was a dead man to him. I suppose I must have been.
Unbelievable I didn't see through ... my grip. I'm not what i thought I was..
Rest.I will go away and rest for a very long time. Goodbye.
AVENS: : For my father.


Space Worshipper two

( Bindweed)

Well son of a bitch
I made it rich
Those amphiboids are generous creatures.
Now i'm, back in space
And thats the place
To practice what I preaches

I'm a space worshipper
Blackness is my icon.
I'm a space worshipper
That vacuum is still turnming my psyche on.
I'm a space worshipper
Blackness is my icon.
I'm a space worshipper
That vacuum is turning my psyche on.   

o ho ho , o ho ho , o ho ho
Look who's the big boy now.
ho ho ho , ho ho ho , o ho ho
I could get into this.
ho ho ho , o o ho , o o o

[ last o repeats and fades ]


This section needs significant updating.


Brian trained at RADA, and as well as establishing himself in a career as an actor, has written for News Review in London, Edinburgh and Tyne Tees Television, for BBC Radio's Saturday Live show, and for Rory Bremner. He has also adapted the stories of King Kong and The Time Machine for Swindon Children's Theatre. Other work with Aidan Bell includes "Piper", based on the famous German legend of the Pied Piper, and "Aesop and the Bookatron", a children's) musical based on the Greek fables. He has recently finished work on the   play, "The Whole World in Our Hands," comissioned for the Sixth Sense Theatre Company.


Aidan has worked in many areas of entertainment, including disc-jockeying in London's West End, puppetry, pantomime, TV, video and studio recording. He has worked as a singer/actor on several British tours as well as playing prestigious venues such as the Bristol Old Vic and Manchester's Library Theatre.  In the field of music he is an accomplished composer, having written scores for several plays, many pantomimes, and three full-length musicals (two of these with Brian Phillips). He has also worked in sound engineering, played keyboard for club cabaret and percussion for two years with a symphony orchestra.

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