palm (6Kbyte) Palm OS Elite cobra
palm image (4Kbyte)     Till Harbaum created an excellent version of "Elite" for PALM OS handhelds in 2002. Technical details are available at his palm elite webpage . Sadly, David Braben has prevented both proposed freeware and commercial releases of this conversion. Given his clear intention that it not be made available to the Elite community I feel unable to provide it for download here, despite the inferior "Void" continuing to be sold elsewhere as "Elite for the Palm". I was prepared to risk making just three copies available to the winners of the   grand    EHP PALM OS Elite Competition due to complete on 31 Mar 2003 but having been threatened with "an injunction and the associated costs to stop this" in an email from David Braben, I cancelled the EHP Palm OS Competiton. You can find out who was winning here. palm image (23Kbyte)
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    Instead, you might consider emulating Atari ST Elite on the Palm using CaSTaway or checking out the Quirky Remakes Gameboy Advance version .

palm image (23Kbyte)

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